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Smart supply chain
One-stop procurement of materials to integrate all manufacturing process and to ensure the smooth progress from creativity to end products.
Quality Control
Implement the whole-process quality control system with full staff participation, own large-scale transportation system and chemical laboratory.
Cyber Security
The confidentiality agreement signed by all staff and strict production confidentiality control, encryption file management and independent confidentiality workshop, to ensure the security of information.
Design and Development
With indepth understanding of your packaging needs, we provide efficient value-added services including concept design, engineering drawings and prototype making.
About Us

As S.H.K. , we care being a reliable business partner and offer you good service . According to our perspective and experiences in this sector , we offer you the long-term partnership with quality products.We are producing one of the finest products of the market with good material. Thanks to our experienced production team, we are able to follow the innovations of the sector , that give us an advantage for finding solutions for our business partners.

Frequently asked questions
01、Quality, Excellence & Trustworthiness

Based on our strict quality control, many international brands are already using our packaging.

02、Service When You Need It

From design to production to delivery. Every step we have a professional and mature team to serve you.

03、We Make It Easy to do Business With Us

In the process of cooperation, we will be considerate for customers, and can provide professional and effective advice.

04、How do I get a quote?

We want to accommodate your needs as best as we can! Therefore we offer a few easy ways for you to request a quote from us.

05、How do I place a reorder?

To reorder an order, simply reach out to your Product Specialist from your first time order with us and they will be able to help you with your reorder。

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